Ukrainian bungalows

for a comfortable country stay for 4 people



Be different

In the Ukrainian village all facades differ with their diversity. We have selected some harmonic colorful schemes for you

"I’ve been designing for over 12 years already, and I am sure that the house area is not of paramount importance. Much more important are the opportunities provided by the inner space.  That is why the creators of Coliba Project use the available interior space to the maximum extent possible, what allows for a comfortable country holiday of 4 people in a very, seemingly, small house." 

Yura Kuzmin


In this house you can relax in the Carpathians

5 distinguishing features of Coliba houses



  • Authentic Ukrainian design. The facades are decorated with elements of Ukrainian wooden architecture. Ukrainian - it's beautiful! 


  • Comfortable stay for 4 people. We have designed the interior space so as to make your stay in the country the most comfortable. And the children will be thrilled with such house.


  • Gazebo. During summer, with the door open, you will get plenty of fresh air while being in the shade similar to the gazebo.


  • Bungalow land plot for leisure activities in the countryside. A small house will maximize your land use for interaction with nature.


  • “Expandable” house. You can extend the house with various modules, making your stay in the country even more interesting and diverse. 

This house will make your beach vacation more comfortable



The basic idea of Coliba houses is a comfortable stay in the countryside.


Traveling and relaxing outdoors I have noticed that it is not the things we use that bring us joy, but rather what exactly and how we are doing it. That is why the Coliba house is designed in terms of the processes for which countryside house is needed.

  • For example, sleep. The sleeping accommodation on the entresol is designed so that waking up in the morning your first glance is directed at beautiful landscapes outside the window at the head of the bed, and drifting into sleep you can watch the stars through the dormer windows. Besides, this sleeping accommodation is equipped with the book shelves, lamps and sockets so that you can charge your gadgets.

  • Or food. It is much nicer to cook or wash dishes looking in the window in a comfortable kitchen.

In this house you can stay in your country garden for as long as you wish

Short term production
Only high-quality materials 
Modern warm construction

In this house you can read a book while sitting on the roof




He house is designed as a studio with wind porch, bathroom, and mezzanine with sleeping accommodation.

In addition, the house can be expanded through its fitting-out with modules in the ends.



  • The house has all the amenities needed. There is a toilet, shower, washing machine, kitchen with stove, oven and microwave. The large fridge will help you out further away from the shops.


  • All kitchen equipment is located in the technological sequence of cooking process. This, as well as the window above the working surface, will make your kitchen chores more comfortable and pleasant.


  • Large wardrobe can place many things you bring from the city. 

  • A small bathroom can fully meet your needs for cleanliness and hygiene, yet remaining comfortable. Here you can take shower, use the toilet, bag and wash your laundry.

  • The sleeping accommodation on the mezzanine has a large window at the head so that going to bed and waking up in the morning you can admire the landscape. Through the dormer windows you can watch the stars. Your kids will absolutely love this place.


  • The stove can be used to prepare breakfast and coffee in case of electricity shortages.

  • The stove is located between the glass doors, enabling you to watch the fire and nature simultaneously.

  • The modern cast iron stove is able to quickly warm up the house in winter; one firewood infeed is enough to heat the house for 5 hours.

House constructions


A wooden frame makes the basis of the house. This is a traditional technology for many Scandinavian countries, which has given a good account of itself. 


The frame is made up of dry pine logs. 

The walls and roof are insulated with 15 cm and 20 cm thick mineral wool, respectively.


15 cm of mineral wool are enough to make the house not only warm, but also heat conserving. For example, to achieve the same thermal performance, the hollow brick wall should be about 1.5 meter thick. The walls of our country houses meet Ukrainian standards for residential buildings for permanent residence.

Wall construction in details:


It is worth mentioning that such design allows walls to breathe. That is, the excessive moisture, entering the wall with steam, becomes condensed water at a temperature crossover point and is immediately drained. This ensures that your house will not lose its thermal characteristics and will always be warm. 



The houses and your site can be expanded by construction of additional modules (as needed).

At present there are several modules developed, as well as plans for their usage.

However, our plans call for some more modules for leisure, development, creativity and storage - garage for motorcycle or small car, gym, nursery play room, pottery, metalwork and joinery workshops, etc.


Summer bath module


Cabinet module

  • The “For occupancy” configuration comes with:

- foundation construction;

- manufacturing and installation of house structure;

- roofing;

- external facing with wood;

- windows and doors (except for the dormer windows);

- ladder to mezzanine;

- inner lining with wood and ceramic tiles;

- internal electricity grid;

- internal setting of sewerage and water supply. 


  • Not included to the “For occupancy” configuration, but can by additionally ordered:

- dormer windows; 

- stove and chimney;

- clinker masonry of the stove.




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